OpenStore Shopping Cart Quick Start

If you are new to OpenStore Shopping Cart, this quick guide provides the simple steps which you can follow and set up your basic store within hours!

  • Step 1: Create your own Admin Panel user(s)

    Login the Admin Panel. Your Admin Panel address and the login details are provided in the email sent to you after you have confirmed your sign-up.

    Select menu Admin -> Edit Admin Users, add a new admin user into the form (remember to tick all the permission roles). Make sure you receive email of the new admin user password. Log out Admin Panel and re-login as the new admin user.

    Select menu Admin -> Change Password, change the system auto-generated password to one that easy for you to remember. Log out Admin Panel and re-login with the new password.

    Go back to Admin -> Edit Admin Users. Delete the default admin user.

  • Step 2: Create some sample products and categories

    Select menu Products -> Edit Categories/Products. Create a category hierarchy with the form provided. Click "products" link on a category to add products under the category.

    If you are new to the system, add about 5 products first. Come back to add more products after you have finished the rest of the steps.

    Tip Move mouse over the icon in the edit form to see the form field description. Details of the forms and fields can also be found in the full user guide.

  • Step 3: Specify the payment methods

    Select menu Set up -> Edit Customer Payment Methods. There are some payment method examples in the list. Add/Modify/Delete the payment methods to create you own supported payment methods.

  • Step 4: Specify the delivery methods

    There are two things need to be set up for delivery: Customer check out delivery options, and the postage.

    Select menu Set up -> Customer Checkout Delivery Options. These options will be visible to the customers when they proceed to the check-out page. Delivery options with code "Deliver" means orders will be charged for delivery fee. If your postage has not been set up properly, orders will not be created correctly.

    To set up postage, select menu Set up -> Delivery -> Edit Delivery Methods. There are some helpful FAQ topics on the Forum:
    How does the postage work?
    How to set up a flat delivery rate?
    How to set up delivery methods for overseas customers?

  • Step 5: Create some test orders

    Go to your store front. Place some orders to test the set up of the last three steps. Use different delivery address for different orders. If the order can not be submitted, it is mostly likely caused by incorrect set up of postage. Fix it until orders are created correctly.

    Check your emails for the order notification to admin, and the order confirmation to the customer. Login the Admin Panel select the menus under Orders to verify the new orders. Customers can also view orders after logging into the store front.

  • Step 6: Decorate your store

    To design your store front, select menu Theme-Layout -> Theme and Layouts. Duplicate a theme from one of the system default themes, or import a downloaded theme file from Intelliworks Home page. Select the design button next to a theme to open the design window. You are now ready to use the design tool to create your very own store front.

    Use the edit form at the bottom of the design window to -
        add boxes into menu, columns,
        change column styles,
        change buttons styles

    Use the edit icons on the top right corner of each box to -
        change the styles of the box

    Important! After finished editing the theme, click the modify button next to the theme, set "To Publish" to true and Save.

    Some design tips are available at Design How-to page and our Forum, as well as the user guide.

** This is only a "Quick" Start Guide. Always refer to the full User Guide when you need more information.

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